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1. In the Beginning
Does the Bible start with “In the beginning”? Not really.

2. Evolution
Does Genesis contradict evolution? No.

3. Noah’s Ark
Did the animals board Noah’s Ark two by two? Yes, but also no.

4. Lifespans in the Old Testament
Did people really once live to be almost a thousand years old? No.

5. David and Goliath (and Elhanan and Goliath)
Did David kill Goliath with a slingshot? Yes, but also with a sword. And Elhanan killed Goliath, too.

6. Jesus’s Lineage
Was Jesus descended from Adam? No.

7. Jesus’s Death
Did the Jews kill Jesus? No.

8. The Ten Commandments
Do the Ten Commandments forbid coveting? No.

9. Commandments
Does the Bible contain Ten Commandments? No.

10. God So Loved the World
Does the Bible say that “God so loved the world”? No.

11. The Truth Will Set You Free
Does the Bible say that the truth will set you free? No.

12. Healing a Withered Hand
Is the parable of the withered hand primarily about healing? No.

13. God’s Name
Was God’s name in Hebrew Yahweh? No.

14. Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
Does the Bible say that those who live by the sword will die by the sword? No.

15. Dust and Ashes
Does the Bible say that people are but dust and ashes? No.

16. Psalm 23
Does the Bible say that the Lord is a shepherd? No.

17. Heart and Soul
Does the Bible say to love God with all of one’s heart and soul? No.

18. Unicorns and Dragons
Are there imaginary animals in the Bible? No.

19. Kings
Are there kings in the Bible? Not really.

20. Nations, Swords, and Plowshares
Does the Bible say nations shouldn’t take up swords against each other? No.

21. If Not by Bread Alone, Then by What Do People Live?
If we don’t live by bread alone, do we live by every word from God’s mouth? Yes, but also no.

22. Who Is the Voice Crying in the Wilderness?
Does the Bible talk about a voice crying in the wilderness? Yes, but also no.

23. Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in the New Testament
Does the New Testament say that it fulfills prophecies from the Old Testament? No.

24. The Virgin Birth
Was there really a virgin birth in the Bible? No and yes, in that order.

25. Moses’s Horns
Did Moses have horns? Maybe.

26. The Apple from the Garden of Eden
Was the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden an apple? No.

27. The Jubilee Year
Is there a year of jubilation in the Bible? No.

28. The Son of Man and the Son of God
Does the Bible call Jesus the “son of man”? No.
Does the Bible call Jesus the “son of God”? No, but also yes.

29. Keeping Kosher
Does the Bible tell people to keep kosher? No.

30. The Rapture
Is the rapture in the Bible? No.

31. Slavery
Does the Bible encourage slavery? No.

32. Marriage
Does the Bible support only a one-man-one-woman model of marriage? No.

33. Divorce
Does the Bible forbid divorce? No.

34. Prosperity
Does the Bible say that God wants you to be rich? No.

35. Violence
Does the Bible advocate violence? No.

36. Justice
Does the New Testament replace the justice from the Old Testament with love? No.

37. Men and Women
Are men and women equal in the Bible? In some ways.

38. Killing
Do the Ten Commandments forbid killing? No.

39. Homosexuality
Does the Bible say homosexuality is a sin? No.

40. Abortion
Is abortion the same as murder in the Bible? No.

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